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The Team

Ariana Urdu – Founder & Event Designer

[Ari-yana] : 1) Innovative, 2) Posh, 3) Direct,  4) Resourceful,  5) “The Visionary”

“I believe that every event has a story that needs to be told, it’s just a matter of how you tell it”

Hi, I am Ariana and I began my journey of event planning back in 2005 coordinating fashion shows and product launches in the D.C. market as a part-time income.  At the end of 2007 I had a “ah hah” moment and decided it was time to quit my unfulfilled day job as a residential Title insurance settlement agent. I enrolled to George Washington University’s Event Management CMP, program. In 2008 I began coordinating many events from weddings to association galas, conferences, bridal expositions and event serving as an even coordinator for the United States Department of Defense. In the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients, celebrity event planners, and even the President of the United States. With all this excitement my true passions were with event design.

My Approach to design

My team and I do more than just “plan events” we design them. After creating many events I have come to find that there is a far lot more to creating a successful outcome of an event than just check lists,favors,colorful invitations and hiring vendors. In order to create a consistent theme every detail must be in line with the end result in mind. Every event has it’s purpose & goals.  It’s my job to identify those goals and make sure they are met.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send me an email Ariana@modnyevents.com or give me a call 703-498-1181 I would be happy to hear from you!


Candace Wiggins – Event Manager

[Can-duss] : 1) Detailed, 2) Accountable, 3) Sophisticated, 4) Honest, 5) “The Mediator”

“All events are created equally, all event planners are not”

Hello there, I am Candace, better known as the “Doctor on Call” at any given event. When it comes to social gatherings, I know who, what, when where and how to make things happen.  My passion for management developed  more than 5 years ago as a Project Manager in the construction industry. During that time I acquired the communication and organization skills necessary to produce a quality product. However, I realized I needed to funnel my management skills into a creative process when I found myself coordinating multiple family reunions. It was at that moment that I realized how much I love events and needed to “marry” my skills with the immense passion I have for event planning.

My approach to event management

I understand the importance of proper planning, time management and a great support staff.  However, the most important component in the entire process is YOU the client! Therefore, my first step is to truly listen to what you want and figure out a way to make it happen! I always conduct research prior to planning any logistics and make sure there’s a “Plan B” in my back pocket. I carefully analyze all of the outside factors that could strengthen the outcome of the event and implement accordingly. In my tight coordination and management of all staff and vendors, I ensure a smooth production in the event’s itinerary.


Awoyaa Mensah – Public Relations

[Ah-woy-ah] : 1) Expressive, 2) Fashionable, 3) Witty, 4) Alluring, 5) “The Social Guru”

“You know the story of your event, it’s time to share your experiences with others”

Hey Awoyaa here, my tips are the ones you like on “face book” and “follow on twitter”. I love events and what each individual one stands for! Best of all I love to share the wealth, the wealth of knowledge that is! I am constantly sharing my expertise on the world wide web.


Eloisa “Ellie” Quinteros – Master Seamstress & Florist

[Eh-lee] : 1) Versatile,  2) Efficient, 3) Honorable, 4) Creative, 5) “The Multi-tasker”

“Sometimes you have to wear more than one hat to get the job done”

Hola, my name is Eloisa but my friends call me “Ellie” and I was blessed with a pair of awesome hands! I am a master seamstress, meaning I can literally make a beautiful scenic back round out of cloth, when our team is approached with an idea of a certain theme I am the person to create any custom pillows, fabrics and specialty furniture upolsrty to fit the design of the décor. In addition to creating custom fabrics for our clients I am also a florist and I create beautiful fresh flower arrangements for special events and weddings. Prior to joining the team I owned a wedding & quincerra gown clothing boutique in Mexico City


The Crew

Behind every great event is an even greater crew!  Our extended hands of help include florists, administrative assistants, business advisors, caterers, associate rental and tent companies, delivery drivers, and production crews. With the help of our team and extra crew we are able to form a beautiful executed flawless of event for you!

In addition to Modny Events we also have our sister company Pro Centerpieces helping our brides nationwide.