Blend in and stand out!

Sound like an oxymoron? Well maybe just a little bit. When it comes to the centerpieces for your event or wedding that’s exactly the trend more and more these days. Though the cute little vases and low-lying flowers, jewels and ribbon are darling, there’s no question that towering centerpieces that stand out make quite the statement. The trick is to select majestic arrangements that are immediately visible and appreciated for their art value and yet do not distract from the overall design of the event or obstruct your guests’ view. You want to make sure they are complimentary to the theme, colors and style that you have chosen.

A stunning tall centerpiece starts with a beautiful thin-stemmed vase like a trumpet vase. We have created very interesting pieces for our clients with glass beads, LED lights and fruit in the base of crystal vases so that those added elements supply more pizzazz to the look. See-through vases are perfect for centerpieces boasting beautifully braided branches and luscious healthy long stems as with hydrangeas and lilies. Here’s one such of ours that is very popular — Classic Elegance. Another stunning option is to fill the vase with water with some floating petals.

Tall centerpieces lend an event an air of confidence and sophistication. And it doesn’t always have to be about flowers! One of our bestseller pieces is Breakfast at Tiffany’s — a bountiful array of 20 extra long white ostrich feather plumes resting in a 24″ white Eiffel tower vase.  You can go with a cascading centerpiece for extra effect.

Enjoy photos of some of our tall centerpiece creations featured at events from Fall 2011.